Thursday, 5 September 2013

How To Make Extra Cash?

Learn How To Make Extra Cash Working from Home?

There are many ways to work and make money, because we need money to eat and use other facilities, so we have to earn money. I will not here to suggest anybody to quit your 9-5 job and work from home to make money. Absolutely not, whatever your professions is, keep on doing and in your extra time; like TV time, on weekends, you can spend some time to make Extra Cash working from Home, which takes time, your hard work and persistence. If somebody says that you can make $10000 or more in a month or so, don't believe, because nothing happens in one day. Everything takes time and your hard work to see the results. So never ever even think to quit your Professional or survival job. My Elder son, used to work with MaxBounty while he was doing his Mechanical Engineering Degree from University of Toronto, Canada. He was making good amount of money through affiliate marketing Company. So this is the way somebody can make some Extra Cash by doing his/her full time Education or Paid job. 

Especially this article is for those,  who are  students, staying at home moms, retired fathers or any body, who wants to make Extra Income while doing his other job, full time/part-time study and taking care of young children staying at home.  Working from home you need; Computer, Internet and some marketing skills to start working from home to make some pocket money. May be the day will come with your own hard work or experience that in future you can make a lot of money, but at starting only some dollars, which you can start making. 

When I started to work with   Affiliate Marketing and writing Articles on Squidoo, that time I knows nothing, not even A, B, C. I just started with MaxBounty and started to make money, then slowly-slowly by doing, reading other's experiences and by my own experience, I started to write on

Some people suggest you to do Suryes to make money, but personally I don't like Surveys, because there for every survey you have to put your personal information and most of them are scam. Even if you make some money, that are only few cents. So its up to you, take your own decision while starting to work from home. 

Real Ways To Make Money By Working From Home:

  • Freelance Writer: Become a freelancer writer and write on sites, which pay you to writer for them. You can find out on the Internet, which websites in your country pay to write. 

  • Start a Blog: If you really like to write, then start blogging and here I would like to say one thing that blogging also takes time to make some extra money by Google Ad sense, your private advertising, any affiliate network; for example, MaxBounty and

  • Squidoo. Com: You can write your personal stories, you can teach to someone, means you can write lenses(Articles) on to make some money. There are many ways to make money by writing lenses on squidoo; such as, through ads, sales(Amazon, eBay and more) When somebody buy something from your lens, then you get commission for that, which is very interesting and I love it. So on Squidoo, you can write about what you know.

  • Sell Unwanted Stuff: Sometimes we have so much unwanted stuff in our home, which we never use and not going to use in future, sell that unwanted stuff on Craigslist, which is free to use and earn some extra money and even you can buy used stuff and sell it on Craigslist to make money. Some people make there full time income through Craigslist, which (stuff) they buy for only few bucks, clean and sell that stuff  on Craigslist. According to Vastu(Asian Science for home) that we should not keep unwanted stuff at home, so better sell it and make some money.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Join any affiliate program, which suits you, means pays more commission for selling their products. As I work with MaxBounty and they pay good commission for each product. I love to work with them and they always pay on-time. There are many more companies in the market, just search and join.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Learn How To Build Squidoo Lenses to Promote Your Products:

How To Write A Lens On Squidoo?

As a beginner how to write a lens on Squidoo? it's not a tough job, but not a piece of cake too. Yes, if you have interest in some subject and you have any kind of hobby, you can write about it. First of all, I would like to tell you little bit about Squidoo.

What is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a popular publishing platform to write online single pages on any subject, which interests you most. Squidoo is a platform full of opportunities for people, who want to work online and earn some extra cash. Squidoo is very rewarding platform for those, who write good, creative, unique and original pages. You can call them articles, hubs or anything else, but here on Squidoo, they are called lenses. To write online on Squidoo it's all free, there is no hidden cost and if you work hard and make good pages, you can make some extra cash for yourself or for donation.  It's  up to you how you want to use your Squidoo Earnings.  Some people are making a lot of money(full-time Income), some are making little cash.

Are you Squidoo member?

If you are not a member yet Join and start writing. In the Beginning it seems difficult, but slowly-slowly by writing, by reading other lens masters' lenses, you can improve your skills and write better lenses. Everything takes time and patience to get rewards. Nothing happens in one day. I just started couple of  months ago and I never thought that I could write and publish good lenses and today within a short time I have 45  published lenses. I am not saying that I am an expert writer, no not yet, it's a long way to be there. Yes I am fully confident by seeing others  work that I can learn a lot and become a good writer.

What Kind of Lenses Can You Make?

Sometimes we have so many thoughts, ideas, feeling and we are all expert on something. So here on Squidoo you have the opportunity to write about your thoughts, feelings, interests or emotions. I mean about anything, like movies, food or whatever you know. Even you can teach something by writing a lens (page) to the readers. I tried on many other sites to write  articles, but I have seen through my own experience that this is the best and easiest site to write about your hobby (any other subject) and make some Extra Money.  Squidoo Community is very supportive, where ever and when ever you need them.
What Kind of Lenses Can you Make on Squidoo?

The answer is: All kind of/ Every Kind of / About your Hobby. As you know, Squidoo is a popular and fast growing website to write on line lenses about your unique themes.  The page you write on Squidoo, is called lens.

How to See Lens Progress?

I am trying my best to explain, what I learned on Squidoo. So after joining Squidoo when we started to write a lens and publish it, we can see the lens progress, as you can see above in the picture. You can see your lens progrees and after seeing it, you can hide it if you want to or leave it like that(100% Way to go Pal!).   Let's learn how to make your quality lenses 100% so you can get more visitors:-
  •  Always try to write more content  in your introduction
  •  You can add Introduction Picture related to your topic (whether taken by you or if you take from somewhere else, give credit to them)
  •  You can write a bio
  •  You can add your photo
  •  Always add five completd modules
  • It's very important that pick a topic and then subtopic
  • Now you are ready to publish your lens 
  • Give your lens at least five tags or Always add Guestbook Comment Box, so people can write their comments.
  •  Add an Amazon Module. For example; Spotlight, MP3As you can see above in the picture lens completeness is only 71%, you know why?
Due to only two reasons:-
1. Modules are not completed.
2. There no 5 tags even though Picture

Benefits of Using Squidoo Platform:

There are many benefits of using Squidoo. There are nine best ways to make money on Squidoo. For example:- Through Amazon Module, Google Adsense(Text Ads), Display Ads, Ebay Module, Top Earning Lensmasters's Secrets, Fixed position browser toolbar, Etsy Module, Your own things.
  • Squidoo is a popular published platform to write on line on any subject, which you like the most and even though the best thing is that you can make money through lenses.
  • You can promote your business through lenses.
  • Making money on Squidoo is really a good thing to make some Extra Cash. When you are tired from your regular job, you can spend some time on Squidoo to relax yourself.
  • You can enjoy the company of Squidoo Community. 
  • More than one Million people visit squidoo,each and everyday( means to your lenses), but its very important that your lenses should be original and with good information, so the visitors can get something from your lenses.

  • Joining Squidoo allowed you to share your interests, hobbies and you can write lenses about your business.